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Welcome to Crimson Reign's webportal.  We're a friendly helpful group of friends and family.  Our goal is to help our members in any way we can.  We help with leveling, dungeons, professions, gear - if we can do it, we will.  We have a great core group of active players, and we are working towards having enough high level members to schedule guild heroics and raids.  We accept any level, class and spec.  We believe in treating people with respect, and keeping drama out of the guild.  We have no participation requirements for continued membership, but we prefer to have active members who are willing to help others. 
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Level 85? Alliance Worgen? Death Knight Goblins? Cataclysm is coming!

Crim_Wolf, Aug 23, 09 6:54 PM.
This should be a great expansion.  There's a lot of changes, and most sound like good ones.  A couple that caught my eye from level 80 to 85, each level is an achievment.  Guilds will able to level as a group from level 1 to 20, with some nice perks along the way.  Archaeology will be the new secondary profession, meaning everyone can do it.  Boring fishing and gathering professions will be more fun.  Let's not forget the Heroic Deadmines.  Check the links below for more information.

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Crim_Wolf, Aug 9, 09 10:46 AM.
Scheduled events are mainly for members of Crimson Reign, but others are welcome if room permits.  Please pst a member if you are interested in joining the group for one of the upcoming events.
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